Kwazulu Dialysis

About Us

Kwazulu Dialysis operates 2 renal dialysis centres in Durban. Our renal centres are based at Lenmed Shifa Hospital and Mega Medi Centre in uMlazi.

Our attention to patient-centric, centre-specific care allows us to provide the best dialysis experiences for both our patients and our Nephrology professionals.

We deliver high-quality dialysis services by skilled and empowered professionals and have a genuine compassion for the patients we serve.

We are focused on the latest technologies that improve the quality and length of each patient’s life. We encourage an environment that welcomes questions, seeks the best solutions and makes our dialysis patients feel special.

Treatments Offered



  • Acute and chronic haemodialysis

  • CVVH (continuous veno venous haemofiltration)

  • CVVHD (continuous veno venous haemodialysis)

  • CVVHDF (continuous veno venous haemodialfiltration

  • Aphaeresis

  • SLED (Slow low efficiency dialysis)

Relationships are deeply important to us here at Kwazulu Dialysis.  There are very few more cherished relationships than the one between a dialysis patient and caregiver.

KZD offer dialysis shifts and schedules that can fit the specifics of their patient’s lifestyle.

Together with our patient care team, we are here to assist you to continue doing the things you love and live your life to the fullest.